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Systematic is a smart app to help ensure your staff are doing the things they need to, when they need to.

  • Improved compliance with local WHS regulations, as well as documentary evidence
  • Reduced costs and risks by ensuring critical tasks such as maintenance, health inspections, etc. are done on time
  • Improved staff morale. Excellence is made visible and rewarded

You’re just one minute away from boosting your business’s work, health, and safety

Systematic includes the pre-built the forms and schedules you need to help you keep your staff effective, happy, and safe. It’s your smart digital procedure manual.

Systematic’s schedules of common task checklists mean new starters make fewer mistakes, and take less time from your most valuable experienced staff.

Cut expenses and downtime by scheduling critical regular maintenance, and receiving critical alerts if something’s been missed.

Digitise your forms, whether they be feedback, stock orders, or breakage reports. Give everyone just one place to find what they need, and your information gets where it needs to go, instantly.

Find and fix problem areas with Systematic’s task visual activity reports. A super-easy way to see which work areas are going great, and which areas need to be improved.

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