How It Works

What Staff See

Staff in each work area have Systematic on a tablet to guide them through their work for the day.

Station main screen

One place for staff to access everything

Station task

Checklists for scheduled tasks

TasksStaff see at a glance their tasks for the day. Start a task, and run through its smart checklist to ensure nothing is missed. Checklists can vary by site so staff see only what’s relevant to them.

IssuesIssues found while completing tasks are raised right in the task, and kept front-and-center in the owner’s actions list for the day. Open issues and hazards remain visible up the management chain.

FormsInstead of chasing paper forms, staff access the forms for their work area electronically, and submit them direct to a manager’s inbox, or have them delivered externally (e.g. email a stock order).

DocumentsProvide a library of reference documents, videos, or photos, of example menus, recipes, standard operating procedures, manuals, and catalogs.

NewsAlert staff to news affecting them.

MessagesSend and receive instant messages to and from other staff.

What You See

The Systematic app on your phone, tablet, or desktop gives you a real-time view of activity, and is your control centre for what appears on staff devices.

Task activity screenshot

Activity dashboard

Issues screenshot

Open issues

Completed tasks

Completed tasks

Form inbox screenshot

Submitted forms

Staff activityAn at-glance report of staff activity. Beautiful graphics quickly highlight both problem areas and areas of excellence. Diving into the details displays when and where tasks were completed, and the filled checklists which are the evidence that the tasks were completed.

IssuesShows open issues for each manager’s areas, ensuring hazards are addressed and overdue issues are followed up.

Form inboxTrack customer feedback, incident reports, stock reporting, or anything you wish. Be alerted if there are any urgent issues needing to be handled. High priority incoming forms (such as report of a critical equipment failure) will trigger an alert to your phone to ensure they’re not missed.

MessagesCommunicate with all staff and stations using the Systematic instant message chat system.

What’s on station Manage your staff’s task schedules, forms, documents, and notices posted to your work areas on the go. Instantly update forms and documents to the latest versions, no worries about old versions circulating.

Tasks screenshot

Set up task schedules, forms, documents and notices

Messages screenshot


You save time…

  • You maintain awareness of staff activity, and problems you need to be aware of are pushed to your attention.
  • Nothing beats being on-site, but now when you aren’t around you have records of when staff complete crucial tasks such as maintenance, and regular tasks such as closing.
  • Your business is demonstrating commitment to complying with all health and safety requirements. When a site is inspected, you already have the documentary evidence.
  • Exchanging staff becomes far easier when you can expect them to know what to do, even if they’re not familiar with the section.
  • Managing documents electronically beats printing and handling papers any day.

… and so do your staff

  • Staff have one place to go for tasking, forms, documents, as well as a way to contact the manager of their area or other staff.
  • They can fill in a hazard report, attach a picture, and know it will be handled. All in less time than it would take to just find the printed form.
  • Staff always have guidance on the way to perform the day’s routine. Schedules and checklists will get optimised over time as you and staff refine them.
  • Your most valuable experienced staff will spend less time training new staff.
  • Your quiet achievers know their diligence is visible.

Let Us Help You Get Started

  1. Choose a starter pack when signing up. This will give you task schedules and forms we have found are useful in various businesses. Even if we don’t have a pack for exactly your area, it will give you a good example of how Systematic works.
  2. Get expert assistance. Your account includes online support from our experts. Just get in touch.