Guide - Notices

Systematic Notices

Systematic notices give you an always up-to-date electronic notice board. Because notices are targeted to specific stations and have an expiry date, they are always relevant.

Examples of where you might use notices:


Let’s create a notice to remind staff at our city cafe location know that new ovens are being delivered today.

  1. Select ‘Organisation’, then ‘Notices’
  2. Hit ‘+’ to create a new notice.
  3. Enter “Oven delivery today” at the headline
  4. We could attach a PDF or picture of the ovens as the document (or leave it empty), but for now we’ll just create a simple document in Systematic with more information. Tap On ‘Add Document’, then ‘Create Document’.
  5. Create a ‘Text’ element and enter “New Sota ovens are being delivered today. Please keep area ready for installation.”. Tap ‘Done’.
  6. The expiry controls how long the notice is visible. Since it’s only relevant today, select today as the start date, and one day later as the expiry.
  7. Choose the stations to display the notice on. We’ll select just the ‘Kitchen’ station in the ‘City’ shop.

Completed notice

Here is how the notice will appear on the station:

Notice on station

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