Guide - Tasks

Systematic Tasks

A big part of Systematic’s automation power comes from allowing you to define guided checklists for regular tasks and assign them to appear at the correct times on the relevant stations.


As a cafe owner, you decide to start by creating an opening procedure for your floor staff.

  1. In the Manager app, go to the ‘Organisation’ view.
  2. Select ‘Tasks’ and tap ‘+’.
  3. Enter the task name “Cafe Opening”.


  1. Tap ‘Form’ to create a checklist for the task.
  2. Tap ‘Check Box’ in the palette of form fields at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap on the check box item that appears. On iPhone, select the ‘up arrow’ icon at the bottom to edit it. On iPad, the properties are always visible on the left. Enter the text “Unstack tables and chairs”

Editing a checkbox in a form

  1. On iPhone, hit Done. You can see the form starting to take shape.
  2. Add some other fields of you like, e.g. a text field for the name of the person completing, or a photo field for a photo of the area when opening completed. You can see more information about creating forms in the Forms section of the guide.
  3. Go back to the “Cafe Opening” task.

Schedule The Task

You’ve now created a task. The next step is to schedule it to stations.

  1. Tap ‘Add Schedule’.
  2. Select the stations to assign the task to.
  3. Select the days to show the task. In this case we’ll set it to Daily.
  4. Select a time window for the task. ‘All Day’ tasks are visible all day on the station and have no time limit other than needing to be completed at some point during the day. You can also specify a particular time for the tasks. In this case we’ll set a ‘Start At’ time of 6:00AM, late after 30 minutes and deadline at 1 hour. This task will appear on the station at 6AM every morning, begin flashing as urgent if not completed within 30 minutes, and disappear after one hour.


You can add any number of schedules for a task, targeting different stations, days and times.

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